We Raise Money for Our Art Scholarship Every Year

Help our bakery give back to local artists in the community

Our devotion to the arts goes beyond the edible art we make in our bakery. Flour Child Creations is dedicated to helping local artists get the resources and education they need to continue their craft. We hold a car show every year to raise money for the Marlene Malerich Artists' Scholarship Foundation (MMASF). This money goes to fund artists in our community.

We understand the importance art has on the individual and the community. Where would we be without the actors, bakers and candlestick-makers of the world? Every time you see a sculpture or a mural, that's the sign of an artist giving back to the community. The community should support them in kind.

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Why is art so important to us?

We see the cookies and cakes we make as a form of art. It's not just about the taste (although the taste is exquisite). It's also about how our desserts look and the reaction they get from the guests eagerly anticipating a slice.

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