Maintain Your Gluten-Free Diet Without Giving Up Dessert

Enjoy gluten-free cakes and other desserts from our bake shop

You don’t have to worry about getting left out when you visit Flour Child Creations. Our bakery offers several gluten-free options to those who can’t or choose not to consume gluten.

We have three gluten-free cake flavors:

  • Vanilla (yellow)
  • Chocolate
  • Apple cinnamon

We also have gluten-free streusel cheesecake bars finished with strawberry rhubarb, triple berry or apple cinnamon. Sticking to a low-carb diet? We have Keto-friendly buckeyes and grasshopper brownies for sale.

Call now to learn more about the gluten-free desserts we offer.

Know the facts before you order

While we have separate equipment used only to make gluten-free items, we are not a gluten-free facility. Our other recipes do include gluten. We strive to keep each customer safe and healthy.

Contact us today to ask any questions you have about the desserts we make.